Sweep & Scull Oar Brackets:

Oar Brackets

Our oar brackets make the most of the vertical space in your shed. They’re designed to make accessing and storing oars simple, helping you get on the water faster. No more tripping over or damaging your oars and you’ll have more space than you know what to do with… More information on Oar Brackets.

Details & Specification for Oar Brackets | Installation Manual

Wing Rigger Brackets:

Wing-Riggers-with-Sweep-RiggersStoring Wing Riggers can be difficult to achieve without taking up large amounts of space or risking damage to the equipment. Wing Rigger Brackets from Space Saver Rowing Systems allow you to maximise the floor space in your shed, meaning you can fit more boats and move around more easily. They make it easy to see where a boat’s riggers are while keeping them out of harm’s way, meaning you know they will be ready to use next time they are needed…More information on Wing Riggers.

 Sliding Boat Racks & Single Sliding Arms:

Mosman-Boat-Rack-Extended-reduced-size-300x225It is not always practical or financially possible to replace an entire shed’s racking system.Sliding Boat Racks are a cost effective solution which allow a straight-backed lift to get boats in and out. SSRS Sliding Racks can be retrofitted to existing boat racks… More information on Sliding Boat Racks and Single Sliding Arms.

Sliding Boat Racks Brochure

Rowing Electronics Security and Recharging Modular Boxes:

???????????????????????A lot of a rowing club’s investment can be tied up in its electrical equipment. This equipment is often easy to misplace and keep track of. The Space Saver Rowing Systems Modular Boxes are a practical and secure solution designed specifically for the purpose and to withstand the Marine Environment… More information on Rowing Electronics Security and Recharging Modular Boxes.

Rechargeable Security Storage Box Brochure

Mechanical Quad Stacker:

Quad Stacker

Simplicity and storage at it’s finest, the mechanical squad stacker holds four rowing boats and lifts them up one above the other. The boats come down at the press of a button for easy access… Click here for more information on Mechanical Quad Stacker.

Details & Specifications for the Mechanical Quad Stacker | Mechanical Quad Stacker Case Study: Redlands College Enhances Safety and Savings

Mechanical Dragon Boat Stacker:

Dragon Boat Stacker

Dragon boats are huge and a hassle to store. We’ve designed a stacker just for them though that lifts them neatly off the ground and positions them to make moving them to the water a simpler process… Click here for more information on Mechanical Dragon Boat Stacker.

Details & Specifications for the Mechanical Dragon Boat Stacker

Movable anti-tilt steps:

3-step-exploaded-3.Final-Color-Output.Final-Color-Output-300x270In some situations the need to lift equipment to or from high places is unavoidable. Using unstable and makeshift steps is dangerous for rowers and increases the risk of damage to boats. Movable Anti-Tilt Steps from Space Saver Rowing Systems are a stable, easy to move solution to this problem… Click here for more information on Movable anti-tilt steps.

Boathouse Steps Brochure