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Sliding Boat Racks      

Methodist Ladies College Boathouse

Methodist Ladies College Boathouse

It is not always practical or financially possible to replace an entire shed’s racking system.

Space Saver Rowing Systems has a solution to the problem of the awkward lifting and tilting required to get boats in and out of the shed safely.

Sliding Boat Racks are a cost-effective, modular solution which allows a straight-backed lift to get boats in and out. SSRS Sliding Racks can be retrofitted to existing boat racks.

Using sliding boat racks will save rowers time in the shed, by making it quick and easy to get boats from their racks in any order – simply sliding the boat required out from the rack and lifting it down.

Our Sliding Boat Racks are made from non-corrosive materials. Space Saver Rowing Systems Sliding Boat Racks meet Australian and U.S. standards.

Single Sliding Boat Arms    Packed ready to send sliding arms (3)

Single Sliding Boat arms are a fantastic solution for one-off or remote rowing facilities where there is a need to expand and improve storage capabilities. They can be bought as single units, meaning you can grow and expand your solution depending on your needs and budget.

Single Sliding Boat Arms are a bracket and sliding system all in one, which makes them the ideal D.I.Y installation solution, as well as being a great addition to a transport system.

The Single Sliding Boat Arms are easy to use, allowing boats to be accessed in the same way as with the Sliding Boat Racks. Also, they come in various sizes available to fit all boat sizes and formats while complying with Australian and U.S. standards.

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“Install was very easy. I picked up some 1/4 or 3/8″ (I forget..) galvanized Ubolts from the local hardware store. They came with little plates that held against the existing frame. I put about 1/4″ worth of washers/spacers on the bottom support so that the racks tilted back towards the wall. So far, so good. We had to do a whole lot of moving of existing posts on both sides of our boathouse and we were done in 2 days. It was only me and one helper doing the work.

People love them, ….. they have eliminated a lot of our storage and boat damage issues, plus I was able to fit another boat in the same space as before.” – Greg Wood, The Bay Area Rowing Club of Houston, USA