The UTS Haberfield is one of our prime showcase Space Saver Rowing Systems racking installations in New South Wales, Australia.  This rebuilt boat house reaches out over the water and comprises a boat shed downstairs and an elegant restaurant and club room upstairs.

Its delightful setting and modern architectural lines led Row360 Magazine to do a full feature article on the building.  

But it is a small boat house building

The site is very compact and the lower level boat house does not have a very high floor to ceiling.

Row 360 article on UTS

Row 360 article on UTS

Enabling the best possible use of space was part of our brief.

Within the boat shed, the club wanted to have bays for storing small boats; bays for eights and fours and also a small ergo and weights room area.

This was a big ask – as the club already had a big fleet of boats and many athletes bring their own singles when they join the club.

Head coach Tim McLaren remains very enthusiastic about the amount of plant which has been contained in the boat shed areas.

Storing oars efficiently

The club decided that oar storage would be along the back wall of the boat storage area.  This is adjacent to the changing rooms, deep inside the building and uses some “dead” space which helps within the constraints of the rowing club.

Each rack has a flat end so labeling the scull sets is really easy.

UTS Haberfield,  oar racks

5 oar hanging racks for sculls

And so these racks are carefully placed to line the corridor running down the back of the boathouse.