Boathouse Spotlight: Eleanor Boathouse

Recently opened in late 2016, the Eleanor Boathouse is part of an ecological renewal of the once neglected and polluted Chicago River. It is one of two boathouses on the river designed by Studio Gang.

eleanor boathouse spotlight

The Eleanor Boathouse is composed of two buildings:


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3 ideas for building community within your rowing club

Club – a gathering of people that all share a common interest. When it comes to a rowing club, you know that you are surrounded by awesome (oar-some?), like-minded people.

However, bonding doesn’t necessarily come easily. People may be shy, new members are constantly joining or perhaps age differences get in […]

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What’s Your Rowing Pain-Face?

Having been given the chance to photograph this year’s Pembroke Regatta, I thought I’d take you through some of the more typical manifestations of these so-called ‘pain-faces’, so that you can be prepared for Lent bumps, and all the photos it shall bring.

The Many Pain-faces of Rowing

1. The Angry Rower

A classic pain-face. Gritted teeth, terrifying […]

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Silly Season Training Ideas

Over the festive season, motivation and focus during training can wane slightly. It’s to be expected and to be fair, your crew have probably earned themselves a rest. How about mixing up their training next time to something still beneficial, but with a bigger emphasis on fun? The camaraderie built during these sessions can be equally […]

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8 easy checks to prepare you for the new season

When was the last time you ran a routine check on some of the lesser components of your rowing equipment? Chances are, too long ago. It is easy to overlook the small things when attention focuses towards the larger issues in the club, such as repairing broken shells or purchasing new boats.

That is all fair […]

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