We provide rowing storage solutions to the entire world

We’ve worked with some of the best rowing clubs out there, and they’ve loved working with us. Our team of shed outfitters (including our CEO Douglas Lumsden) have recommended and installed many rowing sheds that have made significant differences to their associated clubs.

Check out some of the clubs and boathouses we have worked with…

Stuart John, Executive Officer, Rowing Australian Capital Territory

On behalf on Rowing ACT I would like to formally thank you for your work in sourcing and installing our new pontoon at Weston Park recently.

This was a substantial project that required much lead-up work before the installation, before having to overcome issues caused by the extreme heat during the delivery process. That this was completed in a timely manner, plus your follow-up work over the following weeks ensuring that there were no issues with the install, is a credit to yourself.

We would have no hesitation in using your services again for any future pontoon installations and recommend you to anyone else looking to do so as well.
The bracket has been well received and i am instructed to purchase more.

Denise Ferrero, Drexel Rowing, Philadelphia

“I actually used to work at Lehigh University and when I was there we purchased a few sets of the oar rack system from you. We loved it! We are looking to do something with our limited oar space at Drexel now too!

Thank you!”

Adam G. Balogh, Cambridge Boat Club, Massachusetts

The bracket has been well received and i am instructed to purchase more.

Yasmin Farooq, Stanford University Rowing Club

“Doug’s company built our first set of Space Saver Oar Racks for the Stanford boathouse. These racks were cost-effective, good looking and truly functional. They take up much less space than our previous racks and look amazing. Best of all, the oar handles are suspended above the ground, which helps considerably with the lifespan of the grips and the prevention of potential bacterial infections like MRSA. We are outfitting our entire boathouse with them.

Alastair Isherwood, Head Coach at Firbank Grammar School

I have used Space Saver Rowing Systems for a number of applications. I have always found them to be well thought out and designed and the materials used are of the highest quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending the SSRS products to any rowing program.

Andrea Morand, Assistant Rowing Coach at The University of Massachusetts

We are thoroughly enjoying our oar brackets in our new boathouse! Hard to believe the season is coming to end already. Having the oar brackets has alleviated a lost of boat damage we had seen previously in our old boathouse (we used to store the oars in the back of our boathouse causing the women to have to carry them through the boathouse then outside, hitting boats on the way out sometimes).

David Fisher, Boys & Girls Crew Coaching Director at Pine Crest School

Thank you for your efforts and a great product.  Everything has been delivered and getting installed as we speak.

I will be needing to order 2 more sweep oar rack systems along with 4-6 more winged rigger systems. Thank you again for everything, it has been a pleasure.

Anna-Rosa Gejlsbjerg, Coach & Athlete at Cambridgeshire Rowing Association

[The oar racks] work and the blades don’t get blown off in the wind (there can be strong winds blowing through the boathouse as doors at both ends are normally open).”

Arthur Sloate, Head Coach at Cathedral Catholic High School Crew – 2013

As a new program that does not have a building for storage, we have to be creative. The oar bracket allows us to get our oars off the ground, and store them inside our boat racks. No more tripping on oars while taking boats off the rack! Thanks for such a great product.

Rob Ellis, Club Captain at Mildura Rowing Club

Thank you for the opportunity to trial the Wraptor with a few of our club members. I would just like to provide some positive feedback in regard to the item.

Firstly, we did as you suggested and arranged for a few of our coaches to trial the device on a Single Scull before they put someone else in it. They try to emulate a few faults with beginner rowers, including exaggerating lowering the hands in the boat and digging in one oar before the other during a rowing stroke. They found the racing scull remained very stable.

We have a few female masters who have recently joined the club. They had been very nervous in a racing quad and it has taken them a little while to develop technique in a group situation. A few of them have ventured out in Tub Sculls but the most nervous one, Kim wasn’t keen. I mentioned to her that we had this new floating device to attach to the boat to improve stability and ask if Kim would like to try it. To my surprise ‘Yes’ was the response. Once on the water Kim quickly felt comfortable and worked on the rowing technique in her own time. This was a case that I was too concerned for the individual and was worries that they would encounter a bad experience and put them off rowing. The Wraptor provided the confidence in the boat and the rower could relax more and start to enjoy being out on the water. Now the whole group is keen on sculling.

Assistant coach, Lehigh University

Everything went great. Thank you so much. We have the racks up and going. We have photos posted on the Lehigh University Rowing Page on Facebook. Thanks again for all of your help.

Steve Fluhr, Crew Coach with Baylor School, USA, TN

The racks arrived on Wednesday and I have already installed them. They are awesome! Efficient and effective storage, we have so much more room to work with.
Thank you for your prompt attention and follow through.

Patricia Pinkerton, Paint Associate at The Home Depot

Doug provided his oar rack system for us when I worked at UC San Diego, absolutely awesome! He also provided some sound advice on resolving other storage issues; great lateral thinker!

Andrea Morand,  UMass Amherst University

We had one of our facilities men install them the day the brackets arrived. Every single rack is filled with our sweep and sculling blades and we’ve had no problems…Thank you for providing such a wonderful product…

Paul Kortier, Toledo Rowing Club

We have some good news to share with you…..the oar racks have been installed and we couldn’t be happier! I’ve attached a picture of the racks for your review. The oar racks have allowed us to neatly and securely store our oars and more importantly, allowed us to fully maximize the use of our limited space. In addition, the rack design has provided the flexibility to install the racks by our boat house doors thus enabling a more efficient flow for our crews. We sincerely appreciate the benefits the Space Saver Rowing System has given us and hope other Rowing clubs find them beneficial as well.

Julie Elliot, Queensland Dragon Boat Club Secretary

“Previously, we had to store our boats on trailers or trolleys and this required at lot of space. Having the Mechanical Dragon Boat Stacker now means we can store our boats safely and neatly without the added worry of our crew injuring themselves lifting the heavy boats.”

Minnie Cade, Albert Park College

“We have installed our racks successfully and we are very pleased with the result.”

Our Australian & NZ Clients Include:

  • Townsville Rowing Club
  • Kings School (Sydney)
  • Canberra Girls’ Grammar
  • Leichhardt Rowing Club (Sydney)
  • South Australian Institute of Sport
  • Loreto Normanhurst School (Penrith SIRC NSW)
  • Scotch College Melbourne
  • St Margaret’s (QLD)
  • Torrens Rowing Club
  • Sommerville House School (QLD)
  • Toowong Rowing Club (QLD)
  • Mersey RC (TAS)
  • Brisbane and GPS rowing (QLD)
  • North Shore Rowing club (NSW)
  • Newington College (NSW)
  • Avon Rowing Club (NZ)

We’ve also kitted out other Australian and NZ rowing sheds, including:

  • Mosman Rowing Club (Sydney NSW)
  • Radford College (Canberra ACT)
  • Sommerset School (Gold Coast QLD)
  • Champion Lakes (Perth WA)
  • Kinross Wolaroi School (NSW)
  • Korowa School (VIC)
  • Presbyterian Ladies’ College (Sydney NSW)
  • Roseville College (NSW)
  • Sydney North Shore Sea Scouts (NSW)
  • Varsity Lakes Community Sports House (QLD)

Our USA and Canadian Clients Include:

  • USA National Rowing Team (USA)
  • US National Mens Rowing Team (USA)
  • Lake Lanier Rowing Club (USA)
  • Lehigh University (USA)
  • Christchurch School (USA)
  • Charleston University (USA)
  • Baylor School (USA)
  • University of Michigan (USA)
  • Stanford University (USA)
  • University of California San Deigo (USA)
  • Sarasota World Rowing Centre (USA)
  • East Tennessee Rowing Organisation (USA)
  • Culver Academies (USA)
  • Gentle Giant Rowing Club (MA, USA)
  • Club d’Aviron de Boucherville , Québec (Can)

Our UK Clients Include:

  • Thames Tideway Scullers (UK)
  • Tyne United Rowing Club (UK)