UND boathouse

The University of Notre Dame, McConnell Family Boathouse

If you are looking for inspiration for your new boathouse, look no further than the McConnell Family Boathouse, home of the University of Notre Dame “Irish” rowing team. Completed in December 2015, the improved facility has allowed the crews to get out on the water twice already this winter – something which hasn’t happened for a few years!

UND rowing team boathouse

The University of Notre Dame, McConnell Family Boathouse

The Best Parts of the Boathouse

Their brand new facility is certainly one to raise the bar for future boathouses. Boasting a heated locker room, large warm-up / training area with 16 ergs which enjoy views of the St Joseph River, a sizeable ‘break’ area and a huge boat bay / storage area downstairs, this boathouse has everything a rower could ask for!

UND warmup area

Warm-up area

UND break area

Looks comfy doesn’t it?

What makes the UND McConnell Family Boathouse so special?

“It gives us a chance to continue to help student-athletes perform at a high level and reach their potential. It allows us to do some things that our other facility wouldn’t allow us to do like preventative boat maintenance, meeting to review video, warming up and cooling down properly on the erg machines, etc. It really allows us to be more efficient, which helps our student-athletes since they are so crunched for time. We are able to do a lot more. We have already been able to go out on the water twice this winter when in year’s past we wouldn’t have been able to do that.”

– Martin Stone: Head Coach UND Irish

UND boathouse storage

Look at all that space!

A goal shared by many boathouses around the world.

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Thanks to: Russell Dorn and The University of Notre Dame for sharing their boathouse with us!