Towing a boat trailer is a fact of life for us rowers – particularly, if you’re a coach, a dragon boater, a volunteer driver, or a boat club manager.

There are lots of tips for how to do it successfully – a main one being know your length and clearance, proceed with caution, and make sure your boathouse has insurance! (Speaking of which, here’s a great podcast on what insurance to get for your boat club).

Here is a link to a great safety checklist we found, including a checklist for boat retrieval.

This second towing checklist is very detailed, with cartoons and close ups of parts and tools for the visually inclined.

Lastly, British Rowing published some guidance including a drivers handbook and a link to the UK road code ‘are you fit to tow?’

What do you think the most important point to remember when towing is? Do you have a checklist to share?