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Space Saver Rowing Systems are all about innovation. The team love tricky boathouse storage problems, because that means we can put our brains to work and conjure up a bespoke solution to maximise the space in your boatshed. This not only ensures your stacking systems are safe, but you can also store more boats and it’ll be easier transporting your equipment in and out of the building.

Last year, we were approached by American architects working on a new parkland development in Oklahoma, called A Gathering Place for Tulsa. This is a river park designed to encourage a vibrant community, turning Tulsa’s waterfront into an urban architectural setting. According to Tulsa’s website, “the park will be a place that truly reflects the culture and spirit of Tulsa. It will feature something for everyone – a blend of nature within an urban setting. A legendary park that will become the envy of cities nationwide.”

Boathouse spotlight

Of course, with this new parkland development comes opportunities for architects to design unique and interesting buildings that reflect the culture of the intended space. As one of the biggest attractions of this parkland, the boathouse of Tulsa’s Gathering Place is no different. It’s “the anchor of the project” journalist Emory Bryan says, speaking from the construction site.

The boathouse is going to be the main public building, intended to be the centre point of all indoor activities that will take place within the parkland. Situated on the banks of Riverside Drive which runs along Arkansas River, the boathouse will also be the launching point for kayaks and canoes into the nearby Peggy’s Pond. This will be a picturesque area with water filtered in through a new wetland system, ensuring a quality space for watersports enthusiasts.

With a modern look at feel, the boathouse will be three stories high, with the ground floor at pond level whilst top floor sits 35-feet above. The whole structure was built with versatility and style in mind. To be used as an educational site, the lower levels will hold regular programmes for kids and adults alike.

The roof of this boathouse features unique peaks of white that contrasts against the lush green environment. It’s elevated above the top floor like a pointy cloud, providing an airy pavilion on the side that overlooks Peggy’s Pond. Visitors can observe the activities takingplace on the water below from this vantage point, enjoying the finest views of the parkland. Even better, in the enclosed area of the top floor, there will be a restaurant!

There’s more to this boathouse than meets the eye

Currently, this boathouse is still under construction, but there’s so much more to this boathouse than you’d receive at first glance. We highly recommend you sign up to our newsletter just to stay up to date on what the completed boathouse will look like.

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