Does your boathouse look like it could be featured in a magazine? Upon walking inside, do you think visitors will want to fill their social media feeds with photos tagged with #AestheticArchitecture of #BeautifulBoathouse?

You may not reach that level of organisation (we’re being honest here!), but it might be time to revamp your boathouse storage solutions to be something a little more… orderly.

The interior of a boathouse plays a very important part in the day-to-day running of a rowing club. However, it also impacts the reputation of your club. Do you know what the boathouse says about your rowing club?

chicago wms boathouse ssrs

Beautiful lines inside Chicago’s WMS Boathouse by Studio Gang

1. It advertises your rowing club

Your boathouse is one of the biggest advertising assets your club has. If potential new members come to take a look at your boathouse, will the interior proudly showcase all your rowing equipment in a neat and orderly manner?

As first impressions are so important, a quick glance can show aspiring club members almost everything your club has to offer. Do they want to know if your club is passionate about dragon boating? Can they tell how big your club is by the amount of equipment you store? Or perhaps there is a leaky roof that hasn’t been fixed since last winter? All these can make or break their decisions when it comes to signing up for a club membership.

Even if they may not join, someone that has seen your boathouse may be impressed enough to recommend it to others!

little boy watching rowing teams2. It tells them what your club management is like

If there is no one around to dictate that all equipment be stored neatly, it definitely says a little something about the management of a boathouse. Part of efficient management involves many of a rowing club, and this includes the storage situation.

3. It shows the amount of respect that members have for the equipment

Keeping things orderly inside a boathouse shows that the club members are respectful of the rowing equipment they use. We all know that the cost of rowing gear can be quite a lot!

Chaos inside a boathouse can not only damage expensive and delicate equipment but could also injure rowers. Singles are an average eight metres long, and that’s weighing in at least 14 kilograms. As for 8-person sweep boats, think 20 metres! Both handling and storing these boats with care says a lot about the level of safety standards of a rowing club.

Talk storage with SSRS!

You may already have an orderly storage system set up in your boathouse, but there is always room for improvement. If you want some advice, need to renovate or just would like a bit more space in your boathouse, speak to the team at SSRS.

We’re experts in this area and can provide innovative solutions best tailored to your boathouse.